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Visiting a smaller city, or town is an excellent way to spend your weekend. You get in the car, or hop on a bus and you simply leave Belgrade. Before your trip, you just define a single spot, or one thing that you want to do – and you let everything else unravel on its own. We compiled a short list of small but significant galleries located in the vicinity of Belgrade, which could be a great excuse for you to take a weekend trip and see all sorts of interesting things on top of that. This list should serve as inspiration, since the galleries that you can visit and discover in Serbia are really numerous. Small galleries are veritable gems, and touring them takes a couple of hours rather than the entire day. Quite often, the tour would take but half an hour, yet since you are already in an unfamiliar town, you will have enough time for various other activities, like for example hiking near Čačak

The “Milan Konjović” Gallery is located in Sombor, a little over two hours by car from Belgrade. Sombor is a charming town with romantic atmosphere and in addition to visiting this art gallery, you can enjoy walks, architecture and the typical peace and quiet of the Vojvodina lowlands. Sombor is famous for its natural beauties and some nature reserves you can’t afford to miss. 

 The Gallery of the Naïve Art is located in Kovačica. This small town is simultaneously the metropolis of this painting style, so fantastic that you should really seize the opportunity and see these characteristic works of art live. This place of highly developed tourism is but an hour away from Belgrade. If you indeed go there, you should also visit the Mihajlo Pupin Museum, Ethnographic Museum and a range of other interesting tourist spots there.  

The Nadežda Petrović Gallery is located in Čačak. In addition to its permanent exhibition dedicated to this famous turn of the century painter, the gallery always shows a changing exhibition of some contemporary artist. Should you go there, you can use the rest of your weekend for hiking the nearby mountains of Ovčar and Kablar

The Sava Šumanović Gallery is located in Šid, an hour and a half away from Belgrade. This gallery exhibits a great number of paintings by this incredible artist, and the visit to this gallery and the nearby house in which Šumanović spent his childhood is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with a large portion of this genius’ artistic opus. 



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