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A couple of years ago, the expansion of artisanal beer-making, throughout Serbia, and especially in Belgrade, led to the opening of many specialized breweries where one could try imported industrial, as well as artisanal beers, and what’s more locally produced craft beers. Today, you can find good beer virtually on every corner – in the heart, as well as on the outskirts of the city, on the riverbank, out of the city, practically wherever you go, while places specializing in beer are almost countless. We provide you with a couple of suggestions, and you feel free to explore and find a place perfect for you. Our first suggestion is Pivopija, a pioneer among specialized breweries and beer stores available in two locations – in New Belgrade and Zemun. 

Miners raft is an ideal place if you like to drink beer on the riverbank. It is located on the Sava Quay, overlooking Ada Međica. In addition to good beer, here you can also have some sausages and burgers.

Српска кућа пива (Serbian Beer House) is located in New Belgrade and serves exclusively locally brewed craft beers. They also offer a couple of different types of sausages, and what is particularly interesting and convenient here is that you can take your beer “to go”.   

Samo pivo (Beer Only) is a pub/bar exclusively offering beer. It is located in the heart of the city, in Balkanska Street, at a well-hidden location bragging a huge and phenomenal terrace when the weather is warm. This is the right place for beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs, and everyone who wants to seriously explore different beers.  

Dogma is located near Ada Ciganlija in an old and abandoned sugar refinery.  This place has a huge garden, ample parking space, phenomenal food, and of course, an excellent selection of beer. The space is designed so as to host everyone in the brewery, and you can observe on the spot the process of beer-making. 

Berliner is a restaurant in the city center, i.e. in Krunska Street, and it was among the first places opened, that specialized in beer. The venue is a prewar villa, cozily nested among the surrounding buildings, with a fantastic garden and excellent food, let’s say sausages and pretzels to best complement your beer. Berliner is a place of after-work relaxation, as well as a location for a real nigh out.   

Kabinet is a brewery outside Belgrade, but it simply must be noted here. This brewery is located at the beautiful mountain of Kosmaj, overlooking the surrounding forest. In addition to beer shop, Kabinet also has a restaurant and ample space for picnicking, so it is a perfect destination for a day out of the city.  

Docker Brew Pub is a brewery for true beer lovers. It is located in Lower Dorćol, in the Belgrade Harbor, and it offers food in addition to beer. Docker has a unique location and this lends this place a special atmosphere. Here you can try a wide selection of beer, and from the Republic Square, you need just ten minutes to reach this place via Francuska Street. 


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