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Right away it needs to be said that when we say secondhand, we think cool secondhand. Vintage clothes stores (selling more than just clothes) are fun and inspiring places whether you are a fashion freak, or not, and you can perceive some of these places as art collections. These shops can be veritable time capsules and they get their full meaning in these times of mass production, with the market oversaturated with huge amounts and questionable quality of practically everything. After all, the best way to recycle is to buy old clothes which can be more than just old – they can also be special. Let us get to the point, these stores hold selected fashion items belonging to different eras, with addition of old fashion magazines and small homeware, such as bowls, lamps, etc. Regardless of whether you are a fashionista, or you are just entertained by browsing these collections of retro items, you can head to some of Belgrade’s vintage shops and choose something to your taste. We highlight the two best vintage stores and a couple of Instagram profiles. 


The first second-hand and vintage shop in Belgrade is still the biggest and best supplied, and is located in Zmaja od Noćaja Street, in the very heart of the city. The shop used to be called Ita Rina after the famous movie star of the silent film era. Here you can find a well-curated selection of clothes from virtually any epoch, but also old records, postcards, love letters and similar trinkets. It is important to remember that Šmizla has a huge collection of sunglasses and eyeglass frames. Make sure you visit Šmizla even if you are not interested in fashion! 

Robna kuća Beograd

This is a special place conceived as a store of expertly and meticulously curated vintage items, but also a place where you can get a piece of advice, suggestion and assistance in your choice. Robna kuća Beograd is the true antipode to the purchase-discard attitude. Therefore, we suggest that you head for this old salon apartment, where you can have a cup of tea and find something unique. This vintage shop is located in Kneginje Ljubice Street no. 1, on the third floor.  

Here are some interesting Instagram profiles where you can also find phenomenal fashion items:  

Feshnbrat_Clothing or retro/trash/sport chic 

Vintage_bassment or eclectic fashion journey through different lands and eras
Štender vintage and secondhand clothes and décor
Coco & chérie vintage store in case you like vintage handbags 


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