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Belgrade is a city of runners, of that you can be sure, and the reasons for this are various. First, the city has rivers, woods and parks, and it is hilly, so you can alternate between a city-run, and running through a forest, or by a river. You can also run on flat terrain, or push uphill and downhill. Belgrade is the city of runners and is evident whenever you go out on the street for a run. Any time of the day and in any season, you will see individual runners, or groups of joggers on the street. There is a number of recreational clubs for runners, organized as either running schools for beginners, or places of socialization and group recreation for experienced runners. Finally, quite frequently, sometimes even on a weekly basis, you have organized races of various lengths all around the city, which you can take part in and perhaps use as a preparation for the Belgrade Marathon in April, or some other race. Here are some running clubs that you can become a member of as a beginner in this sport, or if you are trying to find yourself some company, or need additional motivation. Of course, one can always run on one’s own, but should you ever need a team for recreational running, these are the places to go. And one important reminder, it is much easier to go to a race outside Belgrade with your club! 

Belgrade Running Club 

The first running club in Belgrade which ushered in the era of running in Belgrade. This is a proper club, providing for all your needs, regardless of your shape and experience. It has a number of different branches: beginners, marathoners, trail runners, professionals, etc.  

Adidas Runners Belgrade

This is an international running club that you can also join in Belgrade. If you have already heard of them, or you are even a member, then you know that you will find your perfect team here. Adidas Runners is a huge community connecting runners all around the world, and you will find it easier to participate with them in races worldwide.  

Capital Crew

Another running club that would gradually shape you into a successful racer. All their training sessions are held in open-air venues, all year round. They will take you for a run on the Quay by the river, or around the lake of Ada Ciganlija.  

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