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Auto Museum: Bratislav Petković Collection

In Majke Jevrosime, one of the most beautiful central streets in Belgrade, particularly pleasant in summer due to the rows of trees casting cool, leafy shades, you can find a not so small museum, accommodating an interesting collection of old automobiles. This museum was made on the location of the first public garage in Belgrade and it represents a true treat for car enthusiasts. The collection includes different models, beginning with the oldest, a Marot-Gardon from 1897. The exhibition includes some very old and rare cars especially important if you want to trace technological progress and landmarks in automobile history. The museum collection is a sort of a exposition of the global advancement in the automobile industry and it includes original and restored cars, as well as additional equipment: sirens, lanterns, radios, commercial advertisements, old driving licenses, wheels… In addition to the main exhibits, here you can also find old photographs, documents, a huge library, as well as the tools and equipment of Belgrade’s first chauffeur. The collection truly deserves your attention, and we suggest that you definitely see it, even if you are not huge fans of cars, since the entire venue is reminiscent of movie scenes and is quite photogenic, so you will certainly recall some famous movie scenes and make wonderful photos there. 

Museum of Chocolate

You can complement your visit to the Auto Museum with a visit to the Museum of Chocolate, just a 15-minute walk away. The Museum of Chocolate is located in Tadeuša Košćuška Street, right by the Kalemegdan park and fortress. You can probably see it coming: this route gradually becomes: a. relaxed autumn weekend, b. romantic walk, and c. afternoon on the riverside. But before all that, in addition to becoming familiar with the history of chocolate, the ways of making it, its various uses in ancient civilizations, and practically everything there is to know concerning this favorite dessert, the Museum also has a workshop where you can make your own chocolate slab just like professional chocolatiers do.  So you made your perfect slab of chocolate, packed it and it is ready for you to take it home… And the following weekend, your plan is to visit Obedska Pond, a protected natural reserve near Belgrade, where you can see and hear over 150 different species of birds. And all of a sudden, this resembles some fantastic, never-ending holiday.   


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