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Getting to know a new place involves many things, but among the first experiences are certainly those gastronomic. The experiences are indispensable, because they are personal and complex. To become acquainted with local food products takes some time. Perhaps you wish to try local food, yet your large local supermarket does not offer some superior-quality inspiring products. Yet you crave for something exquisite, homemade and premium. Of course, it might be easier to visit your favorite restaurant, or some of those eateries that you haven’t been to yet, though someone recommended them to you. However, you are preparing a light dinner because you have some friends coming over and you want to taste some lovely edibles made by local producers. Here are some suggestions for premium brands, whose products can make excellent unpretentious dinner. 


Šarlo Hleb is a local bakery where you can buy sourdough bread made after a French recipe, traditional baguette, Italian focaccia, brioche (sweet bread with milk), or fruit bread. This is a well-loved and popular Belgrade bakery, and you should best be there in the morning, since some of the breads are quickly sold out. 

Olga pumpkin oil has a distinct aroma of roasted pumpkin seeds and emerald green color. It is incredibly tasty and looks quite exotic. You can buy it in almost any large supermarket, as well as in small healthy food shops.  

Le Nonne Pasta Fresca is a small producer of homemade pasta, located in Vračar, but their products can also be obtained from Idea Organic stores. They make exquisite homemade pasta with or without eggs, in all shapes and sizes. Our recommendation is tortellini Cacio Pepe – little pasta cushions filled with pecorino cheese and pepper.  

Main Dish 

The Butcher Jokić produces beef with no additives and it is oriented towards gourmet clients. Their juicy and tasty T-bone and rib-eye can be the star of your dinner. It is good to know that they can deliver a fresh piece of meat directly to your address.   


Winery Verkat is a small family wine producer, having only a couple of vineyards. You can browse their wine selection on their website, but we vouch for their Malvasia wine! If the chance occurs, make sure you visit their vineyard located on the very bank of the Danube.  


Real Red is an organic raspberry spread with no added sugar – red gold in a jar – and combined with the goat cheese made by the small producer Kozari, makes a distinct final touch to what you chose to serve. Raspberries are full of flavor and are the pride of the region, just like the white goat cheese.  

In Belgrade and its vicinity, there is a large number of small food producers and local brands offering products that are truly of superior quality. The list includes everything that you can imagine, ranging from different oils, jams and fruit preserves, meat, cheese and flour, to craft beer and wine. Feel free to explore, who knows where this adventure may take you? 



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