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It seems that everyone is already familiar with the fact that Serbia is a place where you can eat well. However, this perception of food being fantastic here is mostly due traditional dishes. Everyone knows that in Serbia, they can rely on tasty dishes made of high quality ingredients. Of course there are sarma, gibanica and ćevapi, but what else is interesting when it comes to food in this country? Well, it is quite exciting when large culinary experience (and why not say: self-confidence) is translated into fine dining cuisine. Imagine the vibrant capital of a country, where the East and West literally collide. Now imagine that cuisine and that fine dining! Unsurprisingly, Belgrade is the first on the list of the cities in this part of the world, where you can find a large number of fine dining restaurants (for meat lovers, seafood and fish enthusiasts, vegetarians…). Here are some short recommendations if you wish to eat something fine. 

Konoba Gušti mora 

They say that seafood and Mediterranean cuisine served here are the best in the city. The restaurant is situated outside the city center, in Radnička Street (near Ada Ciganlija). With their aromatic fish treats and fine wine, Gušti mora evoke seafront lounging. A sea bay in the midst of a continental city and the original seasoned hospitality experience. 

Legat 1903.

An elegant and quiet place serving fantastic food. The menu is impeccable, fine dining in its true sense. The wines are exquisite, the interior luxurious and refined, and the atmosphere intimate. Legat 1903 is an excellent place for an important business lunch, or a romantic night out. This hidden gem is located in Jasenička Street, not far from the city center. 


Right behind the Temple of Saint Sava, in a villa which once belonged to a famous Belgrade artist and sculptor, you will find the restaurant Gilda. With their exciting and striking interior and their meticulously structured menu, they make you want to return here again and again. The restaurant overlooks the National Library and the large green park, and even though being right in the city center, it is hidden within a quiet street.


Going out to dinner as a complete experience. Langouste is located in Kosančićev Venac, in the old part of the city, and it overlooks the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube. The menu is a real gourmet experience, as it offers absolutely everything that you can imagine, from beefsteak tartare and foie gras to lobster. The wine selection is excellent. The location and setting are fabulous and are sure to provide the true Belgrade experience.  

Homa Restaurant

In the lower Dorćol, nested among old buildings and charming small houses, there is this famous restaurant, well-loved by the locals. The interior is minimalist and cozy, and is therefore ideal for a brunch, lunch, or dinner, for both business and private affairs. The menu is low-key, yet complex, and it is good to know that it is changed seasonally. The wine selection – flawless.  

Salon 5

The restaurant is located outside the city center, in Zemun neighborhood, in a large apartment on the fifth floor of a prewar building. The Salon is both very intimate and highly exclusive. Their menu is subtle and simple in the best sense of these words. You can expect Italian-French-Mediterranean cuisine and refined, yet relaxed atmosphere. 

These are but a few tips, intended only to inspire you and take you exploring the inexhaustible culinary variety of the Serbian capital. 


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