One of the perks of residing in Belgrade is its geographical location – it represents a crossroads of the Balkans. It is very well connected with European cities and two hours away from three EU countries: Croatia, Hungary, and Romania. For a weekend escape you can choose to go abroad to these neighboring countries, or you can visit several landmarks in the proximity of the Serbian capital.

avala mountain

Avala mountain and its tower have been the symbols of modern Belgrade ever since 1965, when the tower was erected. Only 15km away from the city center, it is a rather small mountain, only 511m high. These 11m are crucial in the categorization of Avala as a mountain and not a hill. Famous for its pine trees and several springs, it welcomes hikers and family picnics. 

While at Avala, you can visit the tower, which gives a spectacular view of Belgrade and its surroundings. There is also the Monument to the Unknown Hero, a World War I memorial designed by the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović.


Kosmaj is the highest point of the entire Belgrade City area, and it is known as the second Belgrade mountain, Avala being the first. Alongside its numerous hiking routes, Kosmaj is also famous for its brutalist architecture style monument, known as The Spark of Freedom, built to commemorate communist soldiers. Viewed from afar, the 30m tall concrete fins of this monument look like a crown in the middle of the forest.


If you are an adventurous person, interested in archeological sites, it might surprise you that 15km away from Belgrade you can get to know the neolithic Vinča culture. Right on the Danube river bank, you can explore a small site where this culture sprang up around 5700–4500 BC. 

Besides Vinča, throughout Serbia you can find very interesting archaeological sites such as: Lepenski vir, Viminacium, Gamzigrad, and much more.

fruška gora

Back to hiking and beautiful nature! Fruška Gora was proclaimed a national park back in 1960, which makes it the oldest national park in Serbia. It offers long roads to hikers, inspiring vineyards and beautiful restaurants, and it is often a place for picnics too. 

40 minutes away from Belgrade, and a half of that time from Novi Sad, another city which should be on your bucket list.

sremski karlovci

While exploring Fruška Gora or Novi Sad, make sure to visit the small town of Sremski Karlovci the streets of which resemble a fairy tale. In the Habsburg Monarchy, this town was the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and further back in history it represented the cultural capital of Vojvodina. 

While in Karlovci, visit some of the local wine cellars and its famous kuglof (Bundt cake) store.

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