In Serbia, food is more than a ritual. Everyone who visited this part of the Balkans understands its importance. However, besides the traditional food, in Belgrade you can find various other cuisines.

In fact, you can never go hungry in Belgrade, and this is also one of the trademarks of this city. Specifically, if you like American cuisine, we present two restaurants, a pastry shop, and a bagel place in the Belgrade city center.

fat boys

Here you can eat burgers, steaks, sandwiches, wraps, ribs, wings, and drink microbrews, bourbon whiskeys, and wines. The burgers are made of 100% local beef meat and other ingredients such as bacon.

Fat Boys is located in the street which is famous for its many cafes and bars. The interior is done in an industrial style with lots of prints on the walls. Comments and ratings of Fat Boys on Tripadvisor produce the highest mark, and if you are curious, here are several reviews of the restaurant:

“The service was perfect, and the most important thing is the Hamburger. It was very tasty, similar to the burger in Israel’s ‘BBB’ or ‘Agadir’.”

“We went here by recommendation from a local friend, and I must say that this was the best food we had during our week in Belgrade. Staff was really friendly, and even though it's in a great location, it wasn't as pricey as other places nearby.”

“Pulled pork was definitely the best I have ever eaten. Tasty, juicy with serious amounts of meat. The atmosphere is cool, urban with great music. And the staff is relaxed.”

holy smokes

After this icon of fast food, time to go to the south of the US. Holy Smokes excels in the Texas bbq style. If you like beef, pork, or chicken, this restaurant serves meat prepared in a different way: dry-rubbed smoked and cooked for 10-12 hours.

“The Texas barbecue tells the story of another time, patience and effort. The smoker is up all night, procures wood, makes a fire, and then roasts a piece of meat for hours. The meat is smoked and baked in its own juices, on a specifically regulated temperature. We use beech, we do not add fats and additives. It tastes like real meat”, explain the creators of this food.

On the Spotted by Locals, Anđa wrote:

“Oh boy, I’ll never forget the first time I tried Holy Smokes, long before their first place was actually opened. It was a game-changer and I remember thinking ‘even my mum doesn’t make meat this good’. Sorry, mum.”

ispeci pa reci

It’s time for cookies and Serbian idioms. “Ispeci pa reci” can be translated as “first bake, then talk”, and it means think before you speak. At Ispeci pa reci, they serve original American pies, muffins, brownies, cookies, scones, carrot cakes, and banana breads. Tripadvisor rating is 5.0, and here are several reviews:

“Everything inside this lovely place looks like it came from a specially crafted dollhouse. Chic and delicious! Especially recommend the raspberry pie which I order every time I come here.”

“The key lime pie is the best key lime I've ever tried. The muffins are great too. Other pies are also great.”

“What also makes this space very special is the fact that it is a really small workshop and everything is really like homemade with very high-quality ingredients.”

bagel bejgl

At the end of this guide, we are going to New York City for breakfast. One of the customers wrote: “Bagel is a type of sandwich which is popular in New York and these domestic bagels are really good.”

The Bagel Bejgl was founded by the NGO Athens, an organization that helps victims of human trafficking. When you shop at Bejgl, you are helping the sustainability and improvement of their projects.

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